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Reservation Policy

The Percentage of reservation for various categories ia as per norms of Punjab Govt. Memo No. 13/02/05-1 TE2/410 Dated 20.02.2006 with reference to Punjab Goverment, Memo. No. 13/02/05-1 TE2/869 Dated 04.04.2005.

  • The aforesaid Reservation Policy has been reviewed and it has been decided to retain the previous policy in terms of substantive percentages of reservation for the various categories. The percentage of reservation for each of the categories shall be now as under :-
    • Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes 25%
    • Backward Classes. 5%
    • Border Areas/Backward Areas (2% each) 4%
    • Sportspersons 2%
    • Children/Grand Children of Freedom Fighters.1%
    • Disabled Persons: 3%
      1. Blind 1%
      2. Deaf & Dumb 1%
      3. Other Handicapped 1%
        (If suitable candidates are available in anyone of these sub-categories, the seats so available will be filled up by the candidates from the other sub categories of disabled candidates and if they are not available in any sub-category then seats shall be filled up from general category candidates
  • Children/widows of defence personnel killed or disabled to the extent of 50% or more in action, wards of gallantry awardees, children of serving defence personnel/ex-servicemen (2%). The priority to this category is given as under:
    • Killed in action
    • Disabled in action & Boarded out of service.
    • Died while in service & death attributable to military service.
    • Disabled in service & Boarded out of service with disablity attributable to military service
    • Gallantry award / other award winners both serving / retired.
    • Serving Defence Personnel / Ex-servicemen.
  • Children/widows of Para-military forces personnel, Punjab Police, PAP and Punjab Home Guards killed or disabled in action to the extent of 50% or more; and children of paramilitary forces personnel/ex-paramilitary forces personnel, wards of Punjab Policemen decorated with Gallantry Medals (2%).
  • November 1984 riots-affected displaced persons, children of the Army deserters Killed/100% physically disabled, children of the families of persons killed as a result of terrorist violence or by security forces acting in aid of civil authorities and the children of innocent civilians who have sustained 100% disability in terrorist violence or during operation by Security forces acting in aid of civil authorities (2%).
  • The reservation of T-Sunami affected persons shall be available for the children / grand children of original exserviceman settler of Campbell Bay Island only (1%)
  • The aforesaid percentage reservation in respect of each category shall, however, be subject to the detailed clarifications and inter se gradation criteria as decided in the meeting chaired by Chief Secretary to the Government of Punjab on 13 March, 2003, the minutes of which are appended. These minutes and the decisions recorded therein shall be treated as a part and parcel of this communication.
  • Nothing in the aforesaid policy shall apply to the courses run by the three universities in the state, other than Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, in respect of the courses offered by them in their campuses or their regional centres. Admission to these courses shall be governed by the reservation policy framed by the respective University.
  • These policy instructions shall be subject to the law laid down by the honourable Supreme Court of India in the case of TMA Pai Foundation and others vs. State of Karnataka and others (2002) 8SCC 481 : AIR2003 SC 355).
  • You are requested to implement the above reservation policy in all the Professional/Engineering Colleges/Polytechnic Institutions/Industrial Training Institutes and Technical Institutes in the State.


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